The heart of a Web Content Management solution lays a foundation of capabilities that empower the business user to create, manage and publish content to a Web site or other online destination without involving technical experts. By leveraging a flexible and agile system to optimise the process of publishing content and analyse the needs of the internal and external audiences, a rich and dynamic Web site can be developed.. The core set of functionality that enables organisations to integrate, manage and optimise their people, processes and content include the following areas.

Change the Way You Communicate Over the Web
Publish up-to-the minute news and information about your organisation consistently on your Web site. Save time, money and effort by giving your staff the information they need to be productive .

Amstier can create complex efficiently with an easy-to-use editorial environment that lets you change content directly from the page it lives on. If there is a product database, staff can add or delete products with minimal training.

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